Over the years, several students of the assassination have tabulated testimony of witnesses who heard the shots in Dealey Plaza.  This sounds like a precise and scientific way of going about analyzing evidence, but in reality the tabulations have differed radically in the results they have produced.  Not surprisingly, students who believe there were multiple shooters have found more witnesses who heard shots from the Knoll, and fewer who heard shots from the Depository.  People who believe that Oswald was the only shooter have consistently found more witnesses who heard shots from the Depository than from the Grassy Knoll.

The table below shows the assessments of four different scholars who have tabulated earwitness testimony.  They are:

In addition, I have included my own assessment -- based on a thorough canvass of testimony by my students -- in the next-to-last column.

In making any tabulation, a scholar must face a variety of problems and challenges. In producing my own assessment, I have used the following rules.

Witness Name Citation Galanor  Grant  Thompson  Brady McAdams Comments 
Adams, Victoria 6H388 


"From right below" "From right below" Knoll From the right of the TSBD Knoll "From the right below rather than from the left above" (6H388) 
Allen, J. B. 22H601 Could not tell          
Altgens, James 7H517 Knoll Houston/ Elm Behind TSBD 1st shot from behind TSBD; not certain; from behind Pres. TSBD Houston/Elm, in front of the TSBD (7H517)
Arce, Danny 6H365 
West of TSBD RR tracks 


West of TSBD Knoll, RR tracks on west Knoll Area of the RR tracks
Arnold, Carolyn 22H635 Not asked DNR        
Ault, Cecil 24H534 Could not tell DNR   Could not tell    
Baker, Marrion 3H246 
Baker, Virgie (née Rackley) 7H509 
Knoll Underpass   Knoll, RR tracks behind monument Knoll  
Barclay, Malcolm 26H552 Not asked DNR        
Barnett, Welcome 7H541 
Bell     Unsure        
Bennett, Glen 24H542 


TSBD Left rear (means right rear) / 


  Noise from his rear and right; could not tell where shots came from TSBD  
Berry, Jane CD5 (p. 42) 


Knoll DNR West of her  From west of where she was standing Knoll  
Betzner, Hugh 24H200 


Could not tell Knoll     He could not tell He could not tell (assumed the knoll since people were running up it) (19H467)
Bishop, Curtis 22H834 Not asked DNR        
Bond, Wilma CD735 Not asked DNR        
Boone, Eugene 19H508 


Knoll Unsure     He could not tell The vicinity of Dealy Plaza; later ascertained to be the building on Houston/ Elm
Bowers, Lee 6H287 


Knoll & TSBD TSBD or underpass 


  TSBD or mouth of triple underpass Unsure  
Brehm, Charles 22H837 TSBD TSBD or Dal-Tex TSBD bkdgs. At Elm/ Houston corner One of bldgs. At corner Elm and Houston TSBD  
Brennan, Howard 3H143 
Brown, Earle 6H234 
TSBD TSBD TSBD  From high, from TSBD TSBD  
Burkley, George 22H93 Not asked          
Burns, Doris 6H399 


Knoll From the west     Knoll "Facing east and it sounded to me as if it came toward my back" (6H399)
Cabell, Earle 7H479 TSBD TSBD TSBD Direction of TSBD TSBD  
Cabell, Mrs. Earle 7H486 TSBD TSBD TSBD TSBD TSBD  
Calvery, Gloria 22H638 Not asked DNR        
Campbell, Ochus 22H638 


Knoll Knoll Knoll: RR tracks near viaduct Near RR tracks near viaduct Knoll  
Carr, Richard CD329 Knoll DNR   From toward triple underpass He does not say. He never comments on where he heard shots from (22H641)
Carter, Clifton 7H474 Not asked DNR        
Case, Edna 22H639   N/A        
Chaney, James M. Interview with Bill Lord, ABC-TV (WFAA-TV), Nov. 23, 1963   N/A     TDBD Bullet came from "back over my right shoulder." Chaney was motorcycle cop to Kennedy's right
Chism, John 24H525 


Knoll Knoll or TSBD Knoll: "Behind him" From embankment behind him TSBD When the shot came from "behind him," the men in the front seat of the limo had already looked back; Jackie had also already pulled JFK into her lap.
Chism, Marvin Faye 19H472 Knoll "From behind me"   From behind her TSBD "It came from what I thought was behind us" (19H472); this was after Jackie had "pulled him [JFK] down in the seat"
Clark, Rose 24H533 Not Asked DNR        
Clay, Billie 22H641 Not asked DNR        
Connally, John 4H129 TSBD Houston/Elm TSBD From right rear TSBD  
Connally, Mrs. John 4H149 TSBD Houston/Elm "Right rear" From rear of car TSBD  
Couch, Malcolm 6H157 TSBD TSBD   First two sounded like motorcycle backfires TSBD  
Cowsert, Ewell 22H836 Could not tell Could not tell   Could not tell    
Craig, Roger 6H263 
CE5323 23H817
Could not tell Could not tell   Could not tell    
Crawford, James 6H173 Knoll TSBD Knoll: "from down the hill" From down the hill toward the underpass Knoll "I thought it was a backfire in the cavalcade from down the hill, down the hill toward the underpass" (6H171), but believed the authorities--the noise was an echo
Curry, Jesse 23H913 


Knoll Houston/Elm & RR Yards RR yards, then TSBD   1st: Unsure. 2nd, 3rd: TSBD Unsure of the first shot. Second two were "behind instead of from the railroad yard" (4H161)
Darnell, James CD7 Not asked          
Davis, Mrs. Avery 22H642 Knoll Possibly viaduct Possibly viaduct From viaduct, west of where she was standing Knoll  
Davis, George 22H837 Not asked Unsure        
Dean, Ruth 22H839 


TSBD ("above her") TSBD ("above her") TSBD ("above her") From above her TSBD  
Decker, Bill 23H913 
Knoll DNR     He could not tell.  
Denham, W. H. 22H599 Could not tell Unsure        
Dickerson, Mary 22H644 Not asked DNR        
Dillard, Tom 6H165 TSBD TSBD   From north, from direction of TSBD TSBD  
Dodd, Richard RTJ (" Rush to Judgement" film)


Knoll Unsure     He does not say. "He did not look up and did not know where the shots came from" (22H835). Later told Mark Lane she saw smoke come from Knoll (RTJ).
Dolan, John CD205 Could not tell Could not tell   Could not tell    
Dorman, Elsie 22H644 


Elsewhere "Area of Records Bldg." "Area of Records Bldg." From area of the Records Bldg. County Records Building  
Dougherty, Jack 6H379 
TSBD DNR TSBD From inside the TSBD TSBD  
Downey, William 26H551 Not asked DNR        
Dragoo, Betty 22H645 Not asked DNR        
Edwards, Robert 6H205 


Could not tell TSBD   From TSBD, no idea TSBD "The shots seemed to come from that building there (the TSBD)" (Decker Exhibit No. 5323)
Elerson 22H646   N/A        
Elkins, Harold 19H540 Knoll: "Between RR yards and TSBD" Knoll: "Between RR yards and TSBD" Knoll: "Between RR yards and TSBD" Between RR and TSBD Couldn't tell Was not in the Plaza when the shots were fired and had no line of sight to either the Knoll or the Depository
Euins, Amos 2H203 


TSBD TSBD   From TSBD dixth floor window TSBD  
Faulkner, Jack 19H511 Not asked DNR        
Fischer, Ronald 6H195 


Knoll: "RR tracks and area just W. of TSBD" Knoll: "RR tracks and area just W. of TSBD" Knoll: "RR tracks and area just W. of TSBD"  Just west of TSBD, from area of RR tracks Knoll  
Foster, Betty 22H647 Not asked DNR        
Foster, James 6H251


TSBD Houston/Elm Houston/Elm From back toward Elm & Houston, from direction of TSBD TSBD  
Franzen, Jack 22H840 Could not tell From inside the car     From inside the car "He heard the sound of an explosion which appeared to him to come from the President's car" (22H840)
Franzen, Mrs. Jack 24H525 Knoll DNR     TSBD "An area adjacent to the TSBD building. . . " (24H525) Given her position direction across Elm from the Knoll, this isn't consistent with hearing a shot from the Knoll
Frazier, Wesley 2H234 
24H209 22H648
Knoll Knoll/ underpass/ west Knoll: "Down the RR tracks there" From area of underpass and RR tracks Knoll  
Garner, Dorothy 22H648 Knoll Knoll Knoll From a point west of bldg. Knoll  
Givens, Charles 6H345 
6H355 22H648 22H210
Not asked DNR        
Greer, William 2H112 
Not asked Houston/Elm TSBD: "from right rear"   TSBD  
Hargis, Bobby 6H294 Could not tell Underpass or TSBD Knoll "railroad overpass"; "it might have been from the TSBD" He could not tell. Conflicting testimony: claims he couldn't tell, claims from the railroad overpass, and claims from the TSBD (6H294)
Harkness, D. V. 6H309 


Could not tell Could not tell   Couldn't tell; reverberations were bouncing off buildings    
Hawkins, Peggy CD897 


Knoll RR yards RR yards From the railroad yards adjacent to TSBD RR yards or knoll. "The direction of the RR yards adjacent to the TSBD building" (CD 897), which could be RR yards or knoll
Haygood, Clyde 6H298  Not asked DNR   Saw people lying on ground pointing toward the railroad tracks   Was not in Dealey Plaza at the time of the shots
Henderson, Ruby 24H524 Not asked DNR        
Hendrix, Georgia 22H649 Not asked DNR        
Hester, Charles 19H478 

22H841 24H210

TSBD TSBD "Immmediately behind us and over our heads" "…sounded like they came from immediately behind us and over our heads"; "The shots sounded like they came from in or around the building (TSBD)" TSBD  
Hester, Mrs. Charles CD7 


Could not tell Could not tell   Could not tell; felt she was in line of fire    
Hickey, George 18H765 TSBD Houston/Elm   From right and rear and seemed to be at ground level TSBD, but at ground level "To the right and rear" (i.e. TSBD), but on the ground level (18H765)
Hicks, Karan 22H650 Not asked DNR        
Hill, Clinton 2H138 
TSBD Houston/Elm   1st shot from right rear TSBD "My right rear" (i.e. TSBD) 
Hill, Jean 6H212 
Knoll Knoll Knoll  From a spot just west of TSBD; from the knoll Knoll  
Hine, Geneva 6H395 
Holland, S. M. 6H243 
Knoll Houston/Elm, at least 1 from Knoll TSBD: N. end of Elm St., and Knoll First 2 or 3 from near overpass TSBD & Knoll  
Hollies, Mary 22H652 Not asked DNR        
Holmes, Harry 7H292 Could not tell DNR   From crowd; reverberated among bldgs.; couldn't tell from where    
Holt, Gloria 22H652 Not asked DNR        
Hooker, Jeanette 24H533 Could not tell Could not tell   Could not tell    
Hopson, Yola 24H521
Elsewhere Houston/Elm   Not from bldg.; from below  From the street below the Depository window where she stood  
Hudson, Emmett 7H560 
TSBD From behind, above car 

"Behind and above me" 


Knoll: "Above and behind me" 
From left behind him, from TSBD, from above and behind Presidential car TSBD  
Hughes, Carol 22H654 Not asked DNR        
Hughes, Robert 25H873 Not asked          
Jacks, Hurchel 18H801 TSBD Houston/Elm 1st shot, "right rear" Right rear TSBD  
Jackson, Robert 2H162 



Knoll & TSBD TSBD (2H159) Knoll: "at head of motorcade in a northwesterly direction" Saw gun in window of TSBD TSBD "We were sure it came from ahead of us which would be in a northerly direction, northwesterly direction. It did sound as though it came from somewhere around the head of the motorcade" (2H162) 

"We were approximately almost half a block on Houston Street." (2H158)

Jacob, Stella 22H655 Not asked DNR        
Jarman, James 3H198 



TSBD Left/below 


"Below and left"  Above them in TSBD; says after shots he noticed debris in Norman's head Left/below  
Johns, Thomas 18H774 Not asked DNR        
Johnson, Clemon 22H836 Not asked Unsure        
Johnson, Judy 22H656 Not asked Unsure        
Johnson, Lyndon 5H562 Could not tell Could not tell        
Johnson, Mrs. Lyndon 5H565 TSBD TSBD TSBD To the right, above her shoulder, from a bldg. TSBD  
Jones, C.M. 19H512 Not asked DNR        
Jones, Carl Edward 22H657 Could not tell     Could not tell    
Kantor, Seth 15H74 
Not asked DNR        
Kellerman, Roy 18H724 TSBD Houston/Elm    To the right; "That is the direction that I heard this noise, pop." TSBD and in the car. The noise came from his right; he also heard exploding noise in the rear area of the car
Kennedy, Mrs. John F. 5H180 Not asked DNR        
King, W. K. 22H601 Not asked          
Kinney, Samuel 18H732 Not asked DNR        
Kivett, Jerry 18H778 TSBD Houston/Elm   Right rear TSBD  
Kounas, Dolores 22H659 


  Underpass Knoll: "a westerly direction… viaduct" From triple underpass, westerly direction in vicinity of the viaduct Knoll "The vicinity of the viaduct"; "from the Triple Underpass"
Lacy, James CD897 TSBD     Vicinitiy of TSBD TSBD  
Landis, Paul 18H759 Knoll & TSBD Houston/Elm & knoll   Front, right-hand side of the road TSBD & knoll  
Lawrence, Patricia 22H841 


TSBD TSBD TSBD: "right over my head" From right over her head TSBD  
Lawson, Winston 4H353 


Could not tell Houston/Elm 


    Infield Reports came from "the area between Elm St. and Main St., the grassy area between the two streets"; shots came from "just behind me … but in relation to behind me, where I do not know" 4H352-353
Lewis, Carlus 22H602 Could not tell          
Lewis, Clinton 19H526 Not asked DNR        
Lewis, Ray (Roy?) 22H661 TSBD TSBD TSBD: "somewhere above me" From somewhere above him TSBD  
Lovelady, Billy 6H338 
Knoll Unsure 

Across the street from us; 


Knoll: "that concrete little deal on that knoll" Could not tell; across the street; from concrete structure on knoll to his right; from direction of viaduct; not from TSBD Knoll Couldn't tell, "but (the shots) sounded like they were across the street from us" (24H214)
Mabra, W.  19H541 Not asked Unsure        
Martin, B. J. 6H289 Could not tell Could not tell        
Martin, John, Jr. CD897 TSBD TSBD TSBD TSBD TSBD  
McCully, Judith 22H663 Could not tell Unsure        
McCurley, A. D. 19H514 Not asked DNR        
McIntyre, William 18H747 Could not tell Unsure        
McVey, Oscar CD5 Elsewhere          
Miller, Austin 19H485 
CD205 (p. 27)
Knoll Inside car 


  From left of him, from the car Inside the car. "Right there in the car" (6H225)
Millican, A. J. 19H486 Knoll & TSBD Knoll & TSBD & RR Yards TSBD (1st 3) and Knoll (2 & 3) First 3 from by TSBD, 4th & 5th from arcade, others from arcade further back TSBD and Knoll  
Mitchell, Mary Ann 6H175 


Not asked TSBD     She does not say. She does not say where. In 6H176, she says only "Jim Crawford had said shots came from the building"
Molina, Joe 6H371 


Knoll Knoll 
"Sort of, kind of from the west" Sort of from the west; first shot reverberated Knoll  
Mooney, Luke 3H281 


Knoll RR yards Knoll: "the RR yard" From echo thought they came from the RR yard Could not tell He was not in Dealey Plaza. Inferred direction from "echoes."
Mooneyham, Lillian 24H531 
Not asked DNR        
Moore, T. E. 24H534 TSBD TSBD   From a high place TSBD TSBD
Moorman, Mary 22H838 
Could not tell Could not tell   Could not determine    
Muchmore, Marie CD735 Could not tell Could not tell   Could not tell    
Mudd, F. Lee 24H538 TSBD Unsure, possibly TSBD   From direction of TSBD Unsure Unsure. He says, "he did not know what had happened or where the shots had come from".
Murphy, Joe 6H259 Could not tell "From easterly direction"   From easterly direction Knoll From an "easterly direction" (6H259) "…from the direction I was looking" (6H260)
Murphy, Thomas 22H835 Knoll Knoll Knoll: "spot just west of TSBD" From a spot just west of TSBD Knoll  
Nelson, Ruth 22H665 Not asked DNR        
Nelson, Sharon 22H665 Not asked DNR        
Newman, Gayle 22H842 
WFAA-TV tape
Not asked DNR Knoll    Knoll Does not mention in 22H842 or 19H488
Newman, Jean 22H843 
Knoll Knoll   From her right Knoll " The first impression I had was that the shots came from my right" (the knoll) (19H489)
Newman, William 19H490 
WFAA-TV tape
Knoll Knoll Knoll: "garden directly behind me" From the garden directly behind him Knoll  
Nix, Orville RTJ film 


Knoll DNR Knoll   Knoll Does not mention hearing shots in 24H539
Norman, Harold 3H191 



TSBD TSBD TSBD: "heard shells falling" From 6th floor of TSBD TSBD  
O'Brien, Lawrence 7H464 Could not tell Could not tell        
O'Donnell, Kenneth 7H447 Knoll Houston/Elm "Right rear" Right rear TSBD "They came from the right rear. That would be my best judgment." "The agents all turned to the rear." 7H448-449
Oxford, J. L. 19H530 Not asked DNR        
Parker, Roberta CD205 
Knoll DNR   Thought first came from cement memorial Knoll  
Paternostro, Samuel 24H536 Knoll & TSBD TSBD, Criminal Courts, or triple overpass   From TSBD or Criminal Courts or Triple underpass He does not know. TSBD, Criminal Courts, or Triple Overpass (i.e. anywhere) 


Piper, Eddie 6H386 



TSBD Unsure 


TSBD From reverberation of window, though from up inside TSBD; couldn't tell TSBD  
Player, Charles 19H515 Not asked DNR        
Potter, Nolan 22H834 Could not tell Unsure   Could not tell    
Powell, James CD206 Not asked DNR        
Powers, David 7H473 Knoll Knoll or right and overhead   From the right and overhead; also thought it came from front in area of triple underpass Knoll or TSBD "Right and overhead" (TSBD) or possibly "the area of the triple overpass" (7H473)
Price, J. C. RTJ film 
Knoll DNR     Doesn't say   
Ready, John 18H750 TSBD Houston/Elm   Right rear side TSBD "Appeared that the shots came from my right rear side" (18H750)
Reed, Carol 22H668 Not asked DNR        
Reed, Martha 22H669 Could not tell DNR        
Reese, Madie 22H669 
CD5, p. 59
Elsewhere Unsure   From above near benches Alcove near the benches  
Reid, Mrs. Robert 3H273 
TSBD TSBD    From TSBD; from overhead TSBD  
Reid, Robert 24H532 Not asked DNR        
Reilly, Frank 6H230 


Knoll Trees N of Elm St. 

Knoll: "trees west of TSBD"

Knoll: "trees on N. side Elm St." From trees on north side of Elm St. Knoll  
Rich, Joe 18H800 Not asked DNR        
Richey, Bonnie 22H671 Not asked DNR        
Roberts, Emory 18H739 Could not tell "From the right"     From the right side. "I could not determine from what direction the shots came, but felt they had come from the right side." (C.E. 1024, 18)
Romack, James 6H280 TSBD TSBD TSBD Somewhere in his vicinity (NE corner of TSBD) TSBD  
Rowland, Arnold 2H165 
24H224 26H166
Knoll DNR  Knoll: "RR Yards"   Knoll The RR yard (2H165)
Rowland, Barbara 6H184 
Could not tell Unsure   Could not tell    
Sanders, Pauline 22H844 
TSBD TSBD TSBD: "building above her" From TSBD above her TSBD  
Shelley, William 6H329 
Knoll Knoll   Could not tell; from the west Knoll  
Shields, Edwards 7H393 
Not asked DNR        
Simmons, James RTJ film
Knoll TSBD TSBD From direction of the TSBD TSBD The direction of the TSBD (22H833); only the Mark Lane interview mentions the knoll
Sitzman, Marilyn 19H535 Elsewhere TSBD     TSBD Shots came from the "old Sexton building" [Depository] (19H535)
Skelton, Royce 6H237 
Could not tell DNR   From around Pres. Car, around motorcycles    
Slack, Garland 26H364 


Knoll & TSBD


  At first sounded like from underpass, then 1st and 2nd from overpass, sounded like from within bldg.; 3rd from TSBD Knoll and TSBD Shots sounded like they came from inside a building. 

First shot from the overpass, third from the TSBD

Smith, Alan Chic. Trib 11/23/63   TSBD     TSBD  
Smith, Edgar 7H568 


Knoll Knoll 


Knoll: "monument" From concrete structure Knoll  
Smith, Joe Marshall 7H535 


Knoll Knoll Knoll: "behind the concrete structure" Behind concrete structure; from bushes of overpass Knoll  
Smith, L. C. 19H516 Not asked DNR        
Smith, Ruth CD206 Not asked DNR        
Solon, John 24H535 Not asked DNR        
Sorrels, Forrest 7H346


Knoll Houston/Elm & Knoll

TSBD & Knoll

Knoll: "look up on the terrace there" Back and to the right "up on this terrace part…from the back and up in that direction; … I turned to my right to look back in the direction of the terrace and the TSBD" Knoll or
He "turned around to look up on this terrace part there, because the sound sounded like it came from the back and up in that direction"; "at that time, I did not look back up to the building, because it was way back in the back" 7H344-345
Springer, Pearl 24H523 Not asked DNR        
Stansbery, Joyce 22H674 Not asked Unsure/DNR        
Stanton, Sarah 22H675 Could not tell Unsure   Unsure    
Styles, Sandra 22H676 Could not tell DNR        
Summers, Malcolm 19H500
NOVA documentary
Knoll DNR     1st shot TSBD, others, doesn't know Mentions source only in NOVA video
Sweatt, Allan 19H531 TSBD Elm/Houston "Vicinity of Elm/ Houston" Vicinity of Elm and Houston Streets Could not tell Was not in the Plaza when the shots were fired and had no line of sight to either the Knoll or the Depository
Tague, James 7H556 Knoll Unsure Knoll: "over at monument to his left"   Knoll First shot from the knoll, but agreed that shots from the 6th floor of the TSBD could be consistent w/ what he heard
Taylor, Warren 18H782 TSBD Houston/Elm   Right rear TSBD  
Thorton, Betty  22H677 Not asked DNR         
Thorton, Ruth 24H537 Not asked Unsure        
Todd, L. C. 19H543 Not asked DNR        
Truly, Roy 3H221 



Knoll Knoll 


Knoll: "vicinity of RR or WPA project"   Knoll  
Underwood, James 6H169 TSBD TSBD "Overhead" First shot sounded more like a reverberation; from overhead, from TSBD TSBD  
Viles, Lloyd 22H678 Not asked DNR        
Walters, Ralph 19H505 Not asked DNR        
Walther, Carolyn 24H522 Could not tell Unsure TSBD From in the air TSBD "Seemed to come from up in the air, but never looked in any direction" (24H522)
Walthers, Buddy 7H544 


Not asked DNR        
Watson, Jack 19H522 Not asked DNR        
Weatherford, Harry 19H502 Knoll RR yards Knoll: "RR yards" From the railroad tracks Could not tell Was not in the Plaza when the shots were fired and had no line of sight to either the Knoll or the Depository
Weaver, Jack CD329 Not asked          
Weitzman, Seymour 24H228 


Knoll Knoll Knoll   He doesn't know. "…somebody said the shots… came from the wall." No record of Weitzman's perception of the source of the shots.
West 22H679   DNR        
Westbrook, Karen 22H679 Not asked DNR        
Whitaker, Lupe 22H681 Not asked DNR        
White, J. C. 22H604   N/A        
Williams, Bonnie Ray 3H175 
22H681, 24H229
TSBD TSBD TSBD  From the floor above, directly over our heads TSBD  
Williams, Mary 22H682 Not asked DNR        
Williams, Otis 22H683
CD 5, p. 64
Knoll Viaduct Courthouse From courthouse; from direction of viaduct Knoll or Courthouse "Direction of the viaduct which crosses Elm St."(p. 105, CE No. 1381)
Willis, Linda 7H498 Could not tell Unsure     She does not know. "Somewhere other than the Depository" (7H498)
Willis, Phil 7H497 TSBD TSBD TSBD: "high up, across street" TSBD, high up across street TSBD  
Willis, Mrs. Phil CD1245 Not asked DNR        
Wilson, Steven 22H685 


Knoll Knoll 
"West end of building colonnade" West end of bldg. Or colonnade; did not sound like they came from above Knoll  
Winborn, Walter 22H833 Knoll Unsure   Could not tell; all from the same area He does not know. Couldn't tell where.
Wiseman, John 19H535 Not asked DNR        
Woodward, Mary 24H520 Knoll Above her head/ overpass   Thought at first from above and behind her; then thought from overpass; couldn't really tell because of echo Knoll Above her head
Worrell, James 2H193 


Wright, Milton 18H802 Not asked DNR        
Yarborough, Ralph 7H440 TSBD Houston/Elm TSBD: "backward and to the right" Seemed to come from rear and to the right TSBD  
Yates, S.R. 21H423   Overpass     Knoll The overpass (21H423)
Youngblood, Rufus 2H150 


TSBD Houston/Elm TSBD: "right rear" Right and to the rear TSBD  
Zapruder, Abraham CD87 


Knoll Unsure Knoll: "back of me"   He doesn't know. Inferred that the shots came from the knoll because the right side of Kennedy's head exploded, and people were running up the knoll

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